Marasco sparkling

Synergistic agriculture
Appelation: PGI Salento, Quality Sparkling Wine.
Grape variety: Maresco 100% (Apulian indigenous vine). Soil composition: sandstone and pelite soil, very rich of fine gravel, sand and small cobblestone; good presence of Humus.
Vine training system: free standing espalier (controspalliera libera in Italian), from Rudolf Steiner’s book “The philosophy of freedom”.
Vineyard area: 2 hectares cultivated according to the criteria of Sy-nergistic Agriculture and ICEA Organic Farming.
Density of vines per hectare: 4’545 plants per ha.
Average age of vines: 7 years.
Yield per hectare: 7 tons per ha.
Harvesting: hand-picking grapes, half September.
Alcohol by volume: 12%.

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In the winery, “Ancestral method"

Winemaking (Ancestral method): after destemming and soft crushing grapes, must ferments spontaneously, thanks to a pied de cuve of na-tive yeasts, the only ones which increase the expression of our Ter-roir. After 40 days of alcoholic fermentation at low temperature (13-14°C), before total sugars depletion, fermenting must is transferred in stainless steel pressure tank (11-12°C), where the residual sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Wine is aging on lees, with continue battonage in these pressure tanks, in order to obtain a stable wine. Very low amount of sulphur dioxide added before bott-ling. Natural fining and stabilization, no fining agents added.No filtration.

Residual sugars per litre: 2,5 g/l, Brut Nature (no sugar added).

Organoleptic properties: greenish yellow colour, fine and quite persi-stent bubbles; intense fruity (peach, apple and pear) and floral nose. Soft taste, tasty and very fresh.

Food pairing: ideal aperitif but also for lunch and dinner, very good with fish starters and main courses.

Serving temperature: 4-6 °C.


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