Born from the “red soil” adjacent the Murgia, our product are the highest expression of what we, “L’ Archetipo”, can grasp from our vineyards, because they are products not artifacts, but strarting from the soil, then the plants and after the processing of the grapes, we try to unchange the taste, the smell, and the color of our wines.

Do not neglect the issue that is bugging the wine world from twenty years, i.e. the issue of yeasts selected by the logic of a taste’s globalization, which for instance are flattening and unifying the wide variety of flavors and fragrances present in Nature.
For this reason, L’Archetipo, under that name, decided to “use” only and exclusively natural yeasts, i.e. yeasts that belong to our lands, yeasts developed in our climate and settle into our ecosystem where the synergy between microflora and microfauna is important to give that true taste to our wines.
This authentic expression of our lands is also retained by the non filtratration of wines, because this process would take away the authenticity and value of taste that it’s alive in the last aging period; for this reason L’Archetipo advises his clients to decant wines, in order to appreciate the true taste and the same time a clean product from the first sip.