Triple A

The agricultural company L’Archetipo has been selected and inserted in the eminent Triple “A” company’s manifesto.

Introduction of TRIPLE “A” decalogue

The majority of wine production of the world is standardize, i.e. it’s obtained with agronomic and oenlogical techinques that destroy the imprint of the grape, the land and the personality of the producer.
Strandardization is generating similar wines in every corner of the globe, flattened in the organoleptic characteristics and unbale to defy time.
The use of chemicals in the vineyards and the use of selected yeasts in the laboratory are the two main causes of this standardization.
The great wines, exciting wines, are the result of an agricultural work that is almost disappered and a of a less interventionist winemaking. The vineyards cultivated as a vegetable garden.
The manifesto of Triple “A” producers indicates the fundamental selection criteria that pool the last survivors who produce wines worthy of being a myth as it has always been in human history.

Written by Luca Gargano (2003)

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