Synergistic agricolture ®

agricoltura sinergica
After twenty years of biologic agriculture and five years of biodynamic one, finally we managed to bring our lands in a situation of equilibrium which is what in technical terms is defined synergistic agriculture.
When an ecosystem has no peaks of development of a living being on the other, only then we can talk about a balanced ecosystem. In other words, when we see a predominance of any form of life on an other, it means that the ecosystem is not in balance, and this must lead the conscious man to understand the right agronomic interventions to be put in place to reach equilibrium between all forms of life of that specific ecosystem. We want to emphasize the importance of the awareness because for us (“L’Archetipo”), the true conscious Man is: the one that when eat, he knows what he’s eating, when talk, he knows what he’s talking about and when he works, he knows what he’s doing.
Studying and applying for year the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Masanobu Fukuoka, to whom is dedicated our production, we learn how to give life to the soil.
This is the foundation of our becoming.
For those who don’t understand what has been done to our mother earth in the last 50-60 years, he should know that the usage of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, lead to the desertification of the soil, because these substances affect the whole microflora and microfauna of the soil, determining death.

Valentino Dibenedetto talks at the European Parliament on the Humus


To empower this knowleadge we need to know that any organic matter can come back to life after it has benn affected by the processes of humification (composting) carried out by the very microflora and microfauna present in a living soil. When this doesn’t happen, the life cycle is interrupted.
Nature has programmed this cycle perfectly without the hand of man; if we think for a second to what happens in a forest, the organic substance dropped on the ground (leaves, branches, etc.) undergoes the phenomenon called “surface composting”, which is nothing other than a complicated and not yet well-known sequence of biological transformations carried out by microflora and microfauna which strarting from any organic substance (plants or animals rests), become valuable humus, true nourishment for plants.
We have to emphasize that the different type of life forms of the microflora and microfauna varies as a function of the vertical profile of the soil, in such a way to have a large specific variability (in the species sense) between the different layers of soil. This makes us understand the deep meaning of a book entitled “Plowman's Folly” (EDWARD H. FAULKNER).
Plowing, especially with a classic plow, that is going to upset the delicate balance between the different forms of life formed in synergy at different dephts of the soil, is going to upset a lot of work that nature has tissue to close the cycle of life, i.e. allowing to bring back to life that is already dead.
From five years nothing is done with any type of plowing in our vineyards, and this has been very healthy for all forms of life in our soils including our wines, bringing the nature to what is its purpose: the wellness of all its inhabitants, whom finally find thereselves in their Archetype.
One thing must be clear: unlike what we have been indoctrinated to think and then to act, living beings are not competing with each other, but instead are in synergy with each other.
By the way, if we think that all life on Earth originated from four and a half billion years ago, to reach a hundred years ago what is considered the most beautiful and extraordinary thing that is never seen in all the Universe, reaching to all the billions of living species (one more beautiful than the other), all this can not be the son of a negative force, but only the result of a positive synergy, saying it in a quantum way: one plus one equals three!
Today, finally, if anyone want to be aware of what are the disasters caused by unconsciousness and he want, at the same time, understand how to get out, he can came to visit us, because viewing closely the vitality of our soils, it will be clear the only possible solution to the dangerous spiral in which the majority of men have fallen in this great time of darkness.