Modus operandi

Incresed the awereness of the great ruins that Homo Tecnologicus has put in place over the last 50-60 years, leads us to clear in our minds what is the path to cover to save the only true home of all of us: PLANET EARTH.
Yeah, that’s what we talking about. If someone doesn’t undertand that the only absolute priority of our time is saving our planet and he’s still stuck in thinking at his own business, even if we exclude everything else, this only means a thing: I’m sorry for him, but he did not understand anything yet!!!
Going back to the archetypes, i.e. to the natural form of something, it’s the only path to cover in every aspect of our existence: strating from nutrition, it is to follow the important issues of the world energy crisis and ending with the no less important ethical aspects of our choice-action.
a) Feed ourselves with live food (foodstuffs originating from live soils) is the only way to bring vitality to our beeing not only physical but also spiritual.
In contrast, dead foods, completely denatured by industrial processes geared to a sort of “deadly process” of foods, with the only purpose of increasing the shelf-life (useful commercial life) at the expense of authentic nutritional ascpects, can only lead to, in a very short time, serious health problems. Nourish our cells means going back to the archetypes without the devastating destructive deviance of industrial logic.
Few people know the importance of enzymes present in live foods for the purpose of a smooth cycle of life. This leads us to not apply the filtration technique, because with it all the wine’s enzyme-protein kit is removed, which is very helpful to the digestive processes. Despite a small problem in the bottle (the formation over time of a light settle), we have great benefits, in health terms, of our wine; you only need to decant the wine before drinking it. If instead of buying yeast-based vitamin pills (for the B vitamin issues) we use the natural settle present on the bottom of our bottles, for sure we can do it, with a great thanks to our metabolism. We can’t also understimate that the wine remains one of the few “foods” that we still ingest uncooked; for the rest we assume exclusively cooked food, with their enzyme kit completely denatured.
b) About the world energy crisis, we should remember that only not practicing the pernicious task of plowing (as further explained in the “about us” section) leads not only to a big energy savings, but also to a less carbon dioxide production, even for the soil erosion’s phenomena in the case of plowing. In addition, practicing the synergistic agriculture, having plants in balance, the incidence of physiological disorders (diseases) is very low and this affects the number of times you need to switch between the rows for the distribution of sulfur and bordeaux mixture, the unique defense available employed. So it’s worth to bring another important synergy that we were able to put in place; to undertand it, we need to relate to a great teaching by a book of Rudolf Steiner called: THE PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM.
Among the various concepts that it can be learned by reading this text, the most significant is the one that makes us undestand the severity of the action whom a living being can undergo (warning: living being to be understood not only as man but also as worm, plant, animal, etc…) by placing it outside the archetype, not only as habitat but also as forms of morphological development until reaching the deprivation of his movements (just think of when we are in a cage or with our hands tied). If these things happen to ourselves, we understand the severity, if we do it to an animal, an insect, a plant or any other living thing, it’s not so severe or it seems even normal. Reflection: based on what triggered within us when we think of these facts, we will have clear in mind how long is the path to cover in terms of awareness of our actions. With this cultural baggage we think now about how we grow our vine plants: ordered rows, squared, repeatedly hair cut during the growing season (until it became subject of pride for some); to make it clear: you have to grow where and how much I want trampling and completely ignoring the archetype (the natural form of something, an entity that develops according to its own principle) of that living being. It’s like as we prune an oak repeatedly to raise it as a columnar cypress and vice versa.
It’s common to see these aberrations in our environments, giving us clear information of how the man has moved away from nature to trample without even realizing it, or rather to be, as mentioned above, a source of pride. If everything is clear, there will be natural to think about how best to raise our wines. Just watch how that begin grows according to its archetype: creeping and climbing. If it’s true that all human actions are dictated by similar cultural facts and metabolized deeply, we (L’archetipo) raised our wines according to these principles calling this kind of farming “counter-free” when, the plant can finally grow as, where and how much he wishes without coercion from another living being. Recent vegetal neurobiology studies confirm a lot of knowledge that some luminaries of the past already caught. Leonarde Keeler’s (the inventor of the lie detector) studies are astonishing. It has been shown that a plant is able to perceive our thoughts, too. If positive, you will have a certain type of peaks’ graphics sequence, if negative, the trend graph changes completely.
c) The ethics of every our choice-action can be found in one of the Ten Commandments: do not do what you would not want done to yourself. The intent of this commandment isn’t just for human beings, but it should be extended to all living beings. It’s clear that we can’t do agriculture without taking account of all living beings that are part of our ecosystem, respecting them.
Has it ever occurred to you what happens when we plow our land? It’s like if someone with a big bulldozer come to our house to destroy it. How can we think to continue our lives, grow our children, without home? Every living thing on this planet, has a home. From the simple worm, a simple spider, and innocent ladybug, the den of a mole, etc… all have a house built, in their own way, in the ground. We plow and observe what happens to a rich soil microflora and micro fauna, flora and fauna: the greatest of all tragedies. Can the AWARE MAN continue in this darkness?